Share your smile with the world. It’s a symbol of friendship and peace.

Days when i completed my graduation and wanted to stay with my old friends and he’s one of them.
@Summit Narwaria, He has his favourite Black glasses.
He is with me since we both were graduating. One of the techie guy, I would say.
@Kunal Goswami, The one who seems hungry and can’t leave his drink.
When i met him, he used be simple and innocent guy but now whenever i meet him, he has made a lots of change in himself.
@Ashish Rana, Who’s taking selfie.
Again he’s in touch with me since graduation period. He and i went to #Theka first time on farewell day.
@Harsh Rastogi “In Black T-Shirt”
@Krishna Chaudhary “In black T-Shirt”- I met him in July 2015 since then he’s in contact. I would say he’s quite simple guy but like to keep secrets.
@Aditya Yadav “he doesn’t have T-shirts”- He’s younger brother from another mother 😉
These people are like hell in my life. These are Bakchod number one.
@Mahendra Pratap Singh “Orange T-Shirt” – Recently i went him in his marriage and i lost my glasses. i met in him in 2016.
@Ashish Yadav, Who’s pouting 😝
Now you might have seen Mahendra, Ashish and now we have Abhishek and Deepu.
So @Abhishek is the guy who’s can’t be understood. He’s just away from all.
@Deepu, I don’t know much about him but he’s also good friend of all.

Thanks to All be in my life and hoping i will live my precious moments with you all.

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