Share your smile with the world. It’s a symbol of friendship and peace.

Days when i completed my graduation and wanted to stay with my old friends and he’s one of them.
@Summit Narwaria, He has his favourite Black glasses.
He is with me since we both were graduating. One of the techie guy, I would say.
@Kunal Goswami, The one who seems hungry and can’t leave his drink.
When i met him, he used be simple and innocent guy but now whenever i meet him, he has made a lots of change in himself.
@Ashish Rana, Who’s taking selfie.
Again he’s in touch with me since graduation period. He and i went to #Theka first time on farewell day.
@Harsh Rastogi “In Black T-Shirt”
@Krishna Chaudhary “In black T-Shirt”- I met him in July 2015 since then he’s in contact. I would say he’s quite simple guy but like to keep secrets.
@Aditya Yadav “he doesn’t have T-shirts”- He’s younger brother from another mother 😉
These people are like hell in my life. These are Bakchod number one.
@Mahendra Pratap Singh “Orange T-Shirt” – Recently i went him in his marriage and i lost my glasses. i met in him in 2016.
@Ashish Yadav, Who’s pouting 😝
Now you might have seen Mahendra, Ashish and now we have Abhishek and Deepu.
So @Abhishek is the guy who’s can’t be understood. He’s just away from all.
@Deepu, I don’t know much about him but he’s also good friend of all.

Thanks to All be in my life and hoping i will live my precious moments with you all.

Trip to Krabi (Thailand)

My First trip to Krabi, Thailand. It was an amazing experience of my life so far.
Departed from Delhi at 11:30 PM and reached at Bangkok 19 April 5:25 AM
Departed from Bangkok at 8:00 AM and reached Krabi 9:20 AM
I just reached to hotel and saw this street which was going to beach. From here it was an awesome view of beach and sea. I could not stop myself to go there and took some pictures.
Hotel i stayed was Ao Nang Villa Resort.
People of Krabi calls it Elephant rock.
Krabi sightseeing with river cruise Long Tail Boat ride.
Krabi Eagle Sculpture, Krabi
Symbolizing independence and reliability, it is the main logo of the Krabi Municipality

Your salary is the bribe to forget your dreams.

Written by : CJ Peters,

It makes me so sad that the majority of people with a salary still refuse to open their eyes.

They even go a step further, if told, they start defending their situation and come up with all (in their mindset) reasons why there is nothing wrong to have a salary.

And basicly there is nothing wrong in having a salary if you are ok with lowering or giving up your dream(s). If you are ok in being limited in your options, you make yourself dependend of people where you have no influence over and therefore become very vulnerable.

People say to me…..”Chrisjan, we need employees and not everybody can be an entrepreneur or is able to become one”

Well this is a mindset. I think everybody can become an entrepreneur. It just depends on how you define it. About 100 years ago almost everybody was an entrepreneur and the ones who where not worked for the government. So it is possible.

Some people say that some people are not fit to be an entrepreneur. Well I am convinced and have proven that to become an entrepreneur is a skill. Just like you can study to become a doctor or engineer you can study to become an entrepreneur.

But you have to be willing to learn. And at what time are you willing to do so. At one point you where willing to study and become a doctor, hairdresser or whatever….WHY ???

(in general willing to study to become an employee)

Look how this turned out for most people !!!!

So why not choose to study one more time to become FREE (in time and financial).

And in these days with internet and many new business models it has become more and more easy / simple to earn an income independendly. But one has to be willing. So it is not “can I do it” the question is “are you willing to do it” and are you willing to learn.

And if the answer is no……then this will be respected…..but you have to accept the concequence of that choise you made !!!!

People gets healthy when they do #YOGA and #MEDITATION

The concepts and practices of Yoga originated in India about several thousand years ago. Its founders were great Saints and Sages. The great Yogis presented rational interpretation of their experiences of Yoga and brought about a practical and scientifically sound method within every one’s reach.